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   Shandong liaocheng city ruifeng seed industry co., LTD. Is a pass by seed value,Set new varieties breeding、The experiment、Demonstration、Marketing、The promotion of technical services in an integrated agricultural company,We continuously provide more superior varieties,For growers、Operators and consumers better vegetables and benefits。 Company main agent at home and abroad famous vegetable varieties: ★Tianjin kernel cucumber research institute“Tianjin”、“ChiYu”、“Every jm”Series of cucumber varieties; ★Tianjin green abundant company“Tianjin green”Series of cucumber varieties;……

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The main products


  • Every jm83

    Tianjin kernel cucumber research institute medium-vigorous high-yield cucumber variety,The varieties of plants growing strong。Lord tendril knot melon,Melon yards,Continuous can knot melon……

    Every jm83——Cucumber seeds
  • Cui assembles336

    Varieties of main characters: The latest zucchini hybrids,The root system developed,Stem stout,Cold resistance is good。Continuous fruit setting ability,Bentonite melon fast,……

    Cui assembles336——Zucchini seeds
  • Bud is lili

    Characteristics: 1、 Earliness is better,Melon article straight,Melon green,Excellent gloss。Article the melon is long22-26cm,Coarse6-8cm,Cylindrical,Resistance……

    Bud is lili——Zucchini seeds
  • Gome301

    Variety characteristics: The variety is the use of foreign resources squash varieties newly bred hybrid generation。 1、Early maturity:From planting to harvest30Days……

    Gome301——Zucchini seeds
  • Tianjin snowflakes70

    Characteristics: Tianjin institute of kernel vegetable breeding hybrid generation,Belong to medium autumn vegetable flower type,After engraftment70Days or so mature,Plant height75Cm,……

    Tianjin snowflakes70——Broccoli seeds
Every jm83

Every jm83

Cui assembles336

Cui assembles336

Bud is lili

Bud is lili