About until HuaChen

Founded in Beijing until HuaChen construction engineering co., LTD2006Years1Month,The registered capital6050Ten thousand yuan。The company to new technology research and development application、The testing project、Engineering design and consulting、The number of professional construction as a whole,Owns fine specially pointed construction business:Building engineering construction general contracting;Special engineering(Structure reinforcement)Specialized contracting grade ;Steel structure project specialized contracting;Architectural decoration project specialized contracting ;Foundation specialized contracting and so on nine big brand。

Beijing until HuaChen and with national top research experts research and development,Independent intellectual property rights, production base,Developed a series of new building materials:High-strength non-shrinkage grouting material、Composite polymer high strength mortar、Diversified building structural adhesive、The carbon fiber cloth and so on many high quality products,Through the countryISO9000Certification authority。The quality trustworthy unit of Beijing,By evaluation for authorities:“China's construction field the 10 most influential brand”、“The unit of construction quality and safety of comprehensive security”。In the company2013Years successfully listed in the CCTV network for five consecutive years“Until HuaChen”The good faith quality。

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