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Foshan city jie to ground level ground engineering co., LTD,Is the crystal holding group and its subsidiaries findings from a study of the fidelity of shenzhen xin industrial co., LTD,In2016Years。

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Epoxy resin paint are poisonous?

Epoxy resin paint are poisonous?

Epoxy resin and epoxy resin adhesive is considered,But due to the solvent is added in the preparation process and other toxic substances,So so many epoxy resin“Poisonous”,In recent years by water-borne modification of epoxy resin industry are at home、Avoid adding way,Keep the epoxy resin“Non-toxic”True colors。Currently the vast majority of epoxy resin coating for solvent paint,Contains a large number of volatile organic compounds(VOC),Poisonous、Flammable,Thus cause a harm to the environment and human body。...To learn more...

To learn moreEpoxy resin paint are poisonous?
The old factory floor paint common problems and solutions

A、Common problems: 1、Due to the factory assembly are high-grade mechanical equipment,The ground dust easily attached to or into the equipment,Caused by equipment failure;......

Basic knowledge of anticorrosive epoxy floor paint

The corrosion of the metal is made up of the surface and ambient medium of chemical or electrochemical reaction,Situated in step by step,The metal is damaged,Losing its original performance。The metal......

Epoxy floor paint, use fixed number of year and the matters needing attention!

Flat type epoxy floor paint,Is generally 0.5-0.8mm,Use fixed number of year 5-8 Years;Type epoxy mortar floor lacquer,Is generally 1-5mm,Use fixed number of year 8-10 Years;Epoxy self-leveling floor paint,A......

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