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Our company is a long28Years of fertilizer production enterprises。Engaged in chemical fertilizer(Phosphate fertilizer、yaboPhysical address)Out of production,Also committed to goodsyaboLive and organic and inorganicyaboThe production of sports web site,In addition,The company also in the production of water soluble fertilizer。The company and in the twentieth century80S a factory,Give priority to with producing phosphate fertilizer,90S to start productionyaboPhysical address,90S and provincial NongLinTing Oriental agricultural chemical company,Production of organic gardening in cooperation-Inorganic fertilizer、The fruit trees specific fertilizer,2005To begin productionyaboLive,Original factory named"Jiangyin evergreen phosphate fertilizer plant",2009In January for change"Jiangyin evergreen tang co., LTD"。The company is in jiangsu provinceyaboOne of the live application subsidy program designated production enterprise。

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Jiangyin evergreen tang co., LTD
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