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Oakley Smith barney brand history


Solid wood furniture dynasty Build quality in one hundred

Custom furniture selection and maintenance skills
First according to the number of family members and to determine the size and type of product。If the house area is limited,But slightly more population,When custom furniture should give priority to in order to save space,Select the wardrobe、On the model when the cabinets and other products should be as simple as possible,The size is smaller than。
Northeast China ash
Northeast China ash is mainly produced in the northeast、North China and other places。A yellowish-white(Sapwood)Slightly yellow or brown。Rings but uneven obviously,Thick wooden structure,Straight texture,Decorative pattern beauty,Luster,Hardness is larger。Northeast China ash is flexible、Good toughness,Wear-resisting,Wet resistance and other characteristics。But dry,Easy to warp。
Warm congratulations on the g Smith barney will be held12Month6Large factory day activities
Thanks to the masses of customers love and support for Europe, Smith barney solid wood furniture,Oakley Smith barney from creation to a household name brand,Have been past 20 years,Each step is inseparable from the attention,Oakley Smith barney, value the integrity of communication with the customers,More cherish everyone of our mouth。
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How to furniture waxing?
We recommend wax polish procedure is as follows:(1) Rub a small amount of wax polish on a clean white soft cloth,The best is pure cotton cloth。Please save using wax polish,Small amounts of wax can make furniture be beautiful for a long time。
The characteristics of solid wood furniture
Natural、Environmental protection、Health,Solid wood furniture to reveal the beauty of the natural and original。Solid wood furniture is immortal,The first is environmental protection,In the process of making solid wood furniture,Compared with those of man-made board furniture,With glue quantity is quite less。
Knowledge of real wood furniture of choose and buy
1.Whether the furniture really made for solid wood,Or indicate where is solid wood,Where is the man-made board。Exploring the mystery of the solid wood:Wood grain and scar。This is the industry the most effective way to identify whether the whole piece of wood。
Solid wood furniture and panel furniture material lists
Into a wide variety of furniture market,You can tell which is pure solid wood furniture,What is imitation solid wood,What is real wood veneered furniture,And what is board type furniture?Solid wood furniture is made of natural wood furniture,Such furniture surface usually can see the decorative pattern of real wood,Furniture makers for solid wood furniture can sometimes be finishing varnish or inferior smooth paint to express the wood natural color。
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Solid wood furniture commonly used wood species
The current,Suitable for furniture、Decorative tree species are mainly:Northeast China ash、The northeast elm、Willow eucalyptus、Camphorwood、Basswood、Birch、Color wood、Teak、Beech、Cherry wood、Red sandalwood、Cedar wood、Taxus chinensis、Korean pine、Oak wood、Yellow pineapple、Chinese catalpa walnuts、Schima superba、Rosewood、Annatto、Neem、Cedar、Zizyphus jujube, etc
What should be paid attention to when buying furniture
1.Choose the consumer association certification of customer satisfaction or service trustworthy organizer。2.Choose good manufacturers、Pay attention to the product of manufacturer of markers for quality supervision and inspection department。3.When choosing goods fill out the purchase order for goods themselves special please fill in the clear。  4.Asked for purchase receipts for futures to sign purchase contract signed with the factory house,And credentials on this seal with the organizer stamp and manufacturer。  5.Must understand the organizer and the name of the manufacturer、Address、Contacts、The phone、So that quality problems can contact timely solve。  6.Goods carefully inspection when you pay for the goods,Have been found
How to identify the quality of the furniture
Have a strong pungent odor of furniture not to buy when the choose and buy can be pulled open the drawer、Open cupboard door,Experience whether stimulation must let a person cry,If you have such feeling,Suggests that the furniture formaldehyde content exceeds bid badly。
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