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      Nansha district, guangzhou city fu Lin solid wood furniture factory,DaGang town panyu district is located in the pearl river delta,Water and land transportation is very convenient。Is a business scope covers all over the country,To the world,Set production、Sales in the integration of solid wood furniture enterprises。Equipped with advanced production equipment,And the excellent technological process。Accumulated the rich production management experience and strong economic and technical strength,With novel design,As guest of honour,In the material、Production、Strictly control quality supervision, inspection and other links。And on the basis of the principle of human body engineering will be strong、And elegant、Fashion、Sweet Yu Fulin bedding design ideas together。With scientific management methods,High quality after-sales service to win the trust of the customers。

      My factory has two series of products:Ju wood suite series and bunk bed。

      Ju wood suite series for rich Lynn development of high-end solid wood furniture factory main product series。Enterprises have a competitive technology professional team of producing solid wooden furniture,And equipped with advanced production equipment。All imported from European beech,Not only in the whole production process strictly controlled,And on the basis of principle of human body engineering,Keep elegant fashion,Sweet and comfortable design concept into each piece of fu Lin furniture products,Each customer to create a warm harbor。
      Bunk bed series with new style、Fashion warm、Simple and practical as the theme,Widely is suitable for family children and school dormitory room,Government agencies apartment,Factory dormitory supporting engineering。
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