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Dongguan chi into automation equipment co., LTDChi into the CAM intermittent segmentation manufacturers

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  • DFFlange separator flange type
  • DSSpindle type CAM divider
  • DTPlatform for desktop CAM divider
  • DAUltra-thin platform desktop CAM divider
  • CAM divider with motor suits

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CAM divider selection process

Joining Process

Chi into the CAM divider selection process

Chi into five big advantage

Segmentation technology at home and abroad

Integration of CAM technology at home and abroad by learning

Cooperation with many international famous companies

With good automation processing technology in the industry

Have many precision products

The whole carburizing grinding process

Using carburizing grinding process of grinding,Before delivery168Hours continuous test,Let the customer to buy can directly use。

Technology originated in Taiwan Stable operation

Based on technology research and development of the internal CAM mechanism,Let the CAM and needle bearing can run smooth,To achieve long-term stable operation of the ideal results。

Can be customized processing

Can be customized according to various complex conditions

Let the machine more intelligent automation

To rigorous analysis conditions,Choose the appropriate models

Reasonable load design

24Hours technical guidance

Engineer for selection

It is only through the actual operating mode selection,Work closely to make CAM segmentation and machine

With enthusiastic technical guidance services

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Dongguan chi into automation equipment co., LTD

Dongguan chi into automation equipment co., LTD

Dongguan chi into automation equipment co., LTDIs located in dongguan changan,The company was founded in2007Years,Is a production and sales of chi into the CAM divider factory,The main:Chi into the CAM divider、Intermittent segmentation、Taiwan's division、Taiwan is still king division。 Product advantages:Dividing precision is high、High speed performance is good、Smooth operation、Torque is big、When positioning the lock、Compact structure、Small volume,Low noise,Long life and other significant advantages,Is instead of groove wheel mechanism、Incomplete gear mechanism such as intermittent mechanism of the transmission system of the ideal product。Chi into with the stable product quality,Perfect pre-sale and after-sale service,Quick delivery and favorable sales price,For my company to bring more huge customer base and good reputation...

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Chi into the divider

Can build a long-term and stable operation of the CAM divider

To march into the building for the precision/The stability of the CAM divider brand
The national hotline 13794863310

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