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Paper studied the general lu chuan xin stainless steel factory is engaged in the automatic furnace gas baked wheat cake production sales。Custom make all kinds of barbecue pits,Baked wheat cake oven,Roast sweet potato。Our factory adhering to"The customer is supreme,The good faith is practical,Forge ahead,Strive for perfection"The management idea,Stick to it"Quality ,The good faith "The principle of.For the majority of customers with perfect service,Excellent products。Welcome new and old customers to review!

The traditional hanging furnace manual labor intensity、Efficiency is low;Charcoal fire temperature is not easy to control,And easily hurt his hand;Charcoal ingredients easy to produce pollution。Baked wheat cake of converter has been greatly improved the shortcomings,Our factory of baked wheat cake furnace production mechanization has been basically achieved,Greatly reduces the labor intensity,To improve the working efficiency;Using infrared baking method,Better control to the temperature。We in line with“Based on the characteristic、Services to customers、The good faith management、For the long-term development”The aim of the,Invites all partners




Paper studied economic development zone of zibo city in shandong province zichuan district of zibo city of shandong province

Paper studied the general lu chuan xin stainless steel factory is engaged in the production of fully automatic gas baked wheat cake furnace,At the same time provide meat baked wheat cake technical training,Meat baked wheat cake to join, etc,Welcome to call the advisory:13176586777

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